East Central Florida RPC’s Approach to Regional Resiliency2018-05-08T17:17:34+00:00

East Central Florida RPC’s Approach to Regional Resiliency

The East Central Florida RPC was awarded a grant from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to develop a Regional Resiliency Action Plan. Working with Brevard and Volusia Counties, a steering committee was formed comprised of federal, state, regional and local agencies and communities. This committee began meeting regularly in October of 2017 to develop goals and a direction for the plan and process.  The process is also guided by two subcommittees: Sea Level Rise and Stakeholder Engagement.  The steering committee, along with each subcommittee, are helping to define language, assess a regional approach to sea level rise planning and advance the action plan.

Thanks to their efforts, the Regional Resiliency Action Plan has progressed greatly beginning with the development of a “Plan and Policy Resiliency Integration” survey. The survey, which aimed to provide insight into the progress of integrating resiliency into various local and regional plans and policies, was completed by local and regional agencies.  Survey results identified gaps, needs and actionable items aimed at supporting resilient and sustainable coastal communities in the region. Additional activities include research focused on determining implementation activities for local jurisdictions, regional and state agencies, as well as private and federal partners such as Canaveral Port Authority, Kennedy Space Center and Patrick Air Force Base.  Applicable grants available to local agencies and jurisdictions for implementation activities are being researched and will be included in the Action Plan.

The East Central Florida RPC will be holding Regional Resiliency Action Plan Listening Session Workshops on May 7th and 8th in Volusia and Brevard Counties, respectively. Each day will contain two workshop sessions, “Collaborating for Resilience” and “Building Economic and Social Resilience”. The “Collaborating for Resilience” workshop is focused on local governments and local, regional, state agencies. The “Building Economic and Social Resilience” workshop is focused on economic development agencies, departments and organizations, as well as businesses, and others focused on economic resilience. In August 2018 additional meetings for elected officials and the public will be held to gain more input for the plan. For additional information on the action plan and its processes please visit our website: https://www.perilofflood.net/ecfresiliency