South Florida RPC Assists with Transit Study

The Southeast Florida Transit-Oriented Development (SFTOD) Study was completed in June of this year, with the invaluable collaboration and contributions of South Florida Regional Planning Council partners and advisory group members. As part of the SFTOD Study, the South Florida RPC undertook the development of:
• TOD Fund Business Plan
• Affordable Housing Study
• Station area bicycle pedestrian planning
• Corridor-wide water and wastewater analysis

The SFTOD study is the result of a partnership between the South Florida Regional Transportation Authority and the South Florida and Treasure Coast Regional Planning Councils RPCs to undertake TOD planning work for the Tri-Rail Coastal Link along the FEC corridor in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties. This work was funded by the Federal Transit Administration Transit-Oriented Development Planning Pilot Program.

The SFTOD Study reports can be found on the South Florida RPC website at: