Heartland Regional Transportation Disadvantaged Summit

South Florida Regional Planning CouncilOn November 15, 2017, the Heartland Regional Transportation Planning Organization (HRTPO) hosted the Heartland Regional Transportation Disadvantaged Summit with the Central Florida RPC and the Southwest Florida RPC.

The event brought together staff, volunteers, users of the system, community partners, and interested citizens.

Executive Director of the Florida Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged, Steve Holmes, began the Summit with a discussion on the future of the coordinated system, changing customer expectations, emerging technologies, and ability to manage a cost-efficient system. The Summit also created a forum for attendees to learn about the services provided throughout the region and the Heartland Rural Mobility Plan that is currently being updated by FDOT District One.

The Heartland Counties of DeSoto, Glades, Hardee, Hendry, Highlands, and Okeechobee are brought together as members of the HRTPO to provide regional transportation planning. Within these six counties, the rural public transportation and the Transportation Disadvantaged program is operated through two Designated Official Planning Agencies, three Local Coordinating Boards, two Community Transportation Coordinators, and many service providers. The Central Florida RPC provides staff services to the HRTPO.

Heartland Regional Transportation Disadvantaged Summit