Southeast Florida Clean Cities Coalition

The Southeast Florida Clean Cities Coalition continues to promote the advancement of alternative fuels in transportation through public-private partnerships and by leveraging resources from National Labs and the U.S. Department of Energy as well as regional resources at the South Florida Regional Planning Council. The Coalition hosts events with stakeholders that promote networking, education about new vehicle technologies, fleet recognition, and updates on local, state, and federal policies and incentives. Projects for 2017-2018 include involvement with the Volkswagen Settlement being managed by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. The region could see project deployment as early as 2019. The Alternative Fuels Corridor nomination is part of the FAST act to promote access to alternative fuels on highways. For these designations, fuels are eligible based on station distance criteria. Finally, the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Safety Training allows trainers to implement alternative fuel safety into their training sessions for first responders. The Coalition is assisting by coordinating with fleets to use their vehicles during training.