North Central Florida RPC Completes Natural Gas Pipeline Safety Training Project

The North Central Florida RPC, in conjunction with the North Central Florida Regional Hazardous Materials Response Team and 26 partners, completed a project  to  increase first  responder and emergency management preparedness for successfully handling a natural gas  pipeline emergency.   The Team provides hazardous materials emergency response to 11 counties and nearly one-half million persons in north central Florida.

The project had four main components all of which were conducted by the RPC which provided the Team with administrative and planning support.

Table Top Exercises:  Conducted a series of table top exercises centered on three pipeline compressors stations in the region.  Each exercise consisted of three modules where a situation was described and the participants reported what actions they would take.

Planning:  Identified out-of-date planning information contained in the National Pipeline Mapping  System and the Celeritas Identified Site Registry.  Proposed a methodology that could be used in Florida to share critical facility inventories to provide a common operating picture.

Public Education:  Conducted public outreach advising the public of steps being taken to enhance pipeline safety by emergency responders.

Enhance Existing Hazmat Training Program to include Pipeline Responses:  Addressed an identified gap in the regional hazmat training program that needed to include pipeline safety and response to both leaks and the secondary consequences associated with the direct and indirect impacts of a pipeline leak.  This activity included a natural gas leak training prop and a small trailer to transport the prop around the region.